Adobe building methods supercharged by Nader Khalili

SuperAdobe is a form of earthbag architecture developed by architect and CalEarth founder Nader Khalili. Using long sandbags (“SuperAdobe Bags”), barbed wire, on-site earth, and a few tools, Khalili devised a revolutionary building system that integrates traditional earth architecture with contemporary global safety requirements and passes severe earthquake code tests in California.  For more information see

Having restored or built many homes in my life this method of building excites me most.   This building method allows simple designs to produce a high-quality product from inexperienced crews.  It is discouraging that some states will not allow this method at all while others require the use of cement in the mix.

Here is a good example two-level home, with the addition of solar panels and geothermal heating and ventilation this passive solar home could go comfortably off-grid.  While this is a good sample, our purposes require single-floor units.

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Open flat areas with wide accessible doors